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The Charter Trustees of the town of High Wycombe are councillors appointed to the Town Wards who have a ceremonial role as Charter Trustees in addition to their District Council Responsibilities.

Annually, one of  the Charter Trustees is nominated by his or her peers to be Mayor of the Town.The Mayor of High Wycombe is a ceremonial and non political role. The Mayor represents the town at civic and ceremonial events. These events can be both in the town and outside of the town.

The Mayor has a chain of office that may be worn to all events in High Wycombe. When visiting another town, it is customary for the Mayor to ask whether or not the chain of office may be worn in that town. The Mayoress has a chain of office that is worn on Mayoral engagements with the Mayor.The robes of office are worn only on civic occasions when the Mace is carried by the Macebearer immediately before the Mayor, who along with the Town Crier and Beadle leads the Charter Trustees and other dignitaries in the procession.

Each year, a Deputy Mayor is appointed along with a Deputy Consort. The Deputy Mayor may sometimes attend engagements in place of the Mayor and will wear their badge of office at these engagements if the Mayor is unable to attend. 

The role of the Mayor at events is very important and examples of such activity include opening new establishments and supporting local groups and organisations which have requested the Mayor's presence to add substance to the occasion.


 Welcome to the official site of the Mayor and  Charter Trustees of High Wycombe, your source of information including upcoming events,history and background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding the Mayor and  Charter Trustees of High Wycombe.



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